The Club is open to all enthusiasts of vehicles more that 20 years old, or vehicles of particular interest. The actual owning of such a vehicle is not a prerequisite of joining the Club. Membership is subject to Committee approval. Subscriptions run annually from January 1st and are £14 per annum. New members joining after June 30th pay half the annual subscription. Membership includes spouse and children under 18 years of age. Please make cheques and postal orders payable to “S.V.E.C.”

First Name(s) ___________________________ Spouse’s Name ________________________

Surname _______________________________ Telephone ____________________________

Address ________________________________ How did you hear of the Club?

_______________________________________ _____________________________________

 _______________________________________ _____________________________________

Postcode _______________________________ _____________________________________ 

Email Address _________________________________________________________________

Mobile Telephone ______________________________________________________________

Type of vehicle (i.e. car, m/c etc.) _____________________ (If more than 1, give details overleaf.)

Make __________________________________ Model _______________________________

Year _________       Reg.No. ____________            hp/cc __________        Roadworthy    YES / NO

Body style _____________________ Colour scheme ________________________

Brief history of vehicle(s) (continue overleaf if necessary):

The Club has a vehicle register for use by the Members. It would be appreciated if you could supply a 6” x 4” photograph(s) of your vehicle(s) with this application or as soon as possible thereafter.

I consent to my details being given to other Members: Yes ___ No ___ (Please tick one)
and to the photographs of my vehicles being published on the Club Web Site: Yes ___ No ___

Amount tendered £ ________ Signature __________________ Date _________

When completed send this form with remittance to the Membership Secretary,
Elaine Whitmore, 115 Rushmere Road, Ipswich. IP4 4LH. Tel: 01473 729512

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