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Sunday 14th of February 2010
From: Colin Whitmore, Secretary S.V.E.C.
Email: cmeewhitmore(at)talktalk
Subject: Helmingham Hall Rally 2010
Hello Pete
It had been arranged that the rally should be on the first Sunday of August 2010 but when we had the 2009 debrief meeting in December we were told that Lord T had booked that date for another event which was not to be moved.
I pleaded our case most strongly but he was most adamant and so we had to settle for 25th July. We have asked for the 1st Sunday in August next year but have not been given any firm undertaking.
Ther are none more dissappointed than the SVEC Committee that we had this forced upon us. I'm very sorry Pete, but there was nothing we could do.


Friday 12th of February 2010
From: Pete Jacobs
Email: alisonparks8(at)
Subject: Helmingham
I was a little disappointed to see that the date for Helmingham has moved this year from it's usual date of very early August to the fourth Sunday in July being the 25th, which is also the date of the well established West Bergholt Historic Vehicle Rally, which is normally very well supported.
The other event that will clash is the Suffolk Auto Jumble at Kettleburgh, which appears to be growing in size every year (now twice a year).
I am sure that there is a very good reason for this date change but the date of Sunday 1st August is now very noticeably free as far as Classic Vehicle Events are concerned in our area. Perhaps this may highlight the need for better communication between local event organisers to try and avoid disappointment for anybody.


Monday 18th of January 2010
From: Pete & Georgie Bacon
Email: petegeorgie(at)
Subject: 1938 Morris 8 Restoration
I recently restored my '38 Morris 8 four-door saloon which I have had since 1978.
I bought the car when I was living in Helensburgh in Scotland working on a huge government project to do with our Trident submarine fleet up there. I saw the car advertised in the local paper one day and looked at it the same evening, paid the asking price and drove it away. Next day my boss said he'd seen the advert and was going to see it later and buy it. I didn't tell him he was too late - I let him find out later!
When I restored the car, I decided to retain as much of the original as possible and keep it looking as much like a well loved old car as I could, i.e. only replacing bits of the upholstery if it had worn through or badly torn.
I did, though, have a re-spray done by the B & M Car Body Centre, Unit 3, Seven Acres, Newbourne Rd, Waldringfield, who did an absolutely splendid job. I also modified the front side lights to take dumpy twin-filament lamps for side and flasher. Numerous people told me that this couldn't be done due to lack of space - but with a lot of fiddling I managed to get some small lamps (from Auto Electric Supplies Ltd) into the lamp body. I modified the rear lamps using tiny Tungsten Halogen lamps from Maplin in Ipswich. I intend to use the car as my "daily car" in place of my '57 Morris Oxford which I have used since about 1993. A duff gearbox forced it into retirement and I gave it to Otley College for their technical students to work on.
Happy motoring to you all - keep up the good work SVEC and we will see you in the Summer.


Saturday 09th of January 2010
From:       Pete Jacobs
Email:      alisonparks8(at)
Subject:    A G M
I really enjoyed the Annual General Meeting in Nov.
I was made to feel most welcome and I would like to thank The Chairman,The Committee and all those members who help and support the S V E C throughout the year.


Tuesday 4th of August 2009
From: Bruce Harrison
Email: brunanjac(at)
Subject: Sidecar chassis wanted by SVEC member
A VG21 sidecar chassis was wanted on an ad of Nov 2004, which came up in a search today!! If still wanted I have a restored and complete one available, contact Bruce Harrison 01902 884224 or 07794 384693.
I am a VMCC member, not a trader.


Wednesday 29th of July 2009
Email: gerrykjc(at)
Subject: Pre War cars at Felixstowe Museum 16 Aug
I have had nearly 20 members contact me so far for this event, more are welcome.
Please email or phone 01394273045.
Details in July newsletter.


Thursday 25th of June 2009
From: David George Saunter
Email: dave.saunter(at)
Subject: Wire wheel balance
Harleston Tyre Services did a good job on the wire wheels on both my XK150 and Suffolk SS100


Thursday 21st of August 2008
From: Rob Huckfield
Email: wilmabavin(at)
Subject: wire wheel balancing
Hi. Looking for a garage that can balance my E type wires properly! Norfolk Suffolk border. Sorry if this is an old subject but getting desperate.
Rob Huckfield.


Thursday 03rd of July 2008
From: Ian Leggett
Email: ianleggett104944(at)
Subject: Morris 8
Hello again. That is the best thing you could do. Why not join soon and come to Helmingham Hall so we can all see your car. Contact Colin Whitmore for a Membership Form. It is a vibrant club with events most weekends, monthly evening meets 12 months of the year. I have been in for 20 years so that should say something.
Regards Ian.


Wednesday 02nd of July 2008
Email: sallyleon4(a)
Subject: 1947 MORRIS 8


Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 9:36 AM
Subject: Stainless steel welding
Email: david.edwards007(a)
Name: David Edwards
The exhaust pipe feeding into the silencer had cracked at the junction. Faced with an expensive replacement system I was advised to contact A14 performance exhausts at Fornham Rd. Bury St. Edmunds.
The job took 20 minutes and the chap who did it said there was nothing to pay.


Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 3:47 PM
Subject: Restoration of Morris 8
Email: ian.leggett(a)
Name: Ian Leggett
Hi. In the Club is Eric Sedgewick who although semi retired is a restoration man worth considering. He lives on the edge of Ipswich. Colin Whitmore will supply contact details if you want to pursue. Eric has worked on Colins car and will be doing my own later this year.
Regards Ian.


Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Subject: SVEC Guestbook

Subject: 1947 morris eight restoration
Email: sallyleon4(a)
Name: Leon Russell
Is there anyone out there who can restore a 1947 series E Morris Eight?
Iit is all there, the chassis has been grit blasted and galvanized. Will pay.


Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2008
Subject: New member {I hope}
Email: stafford7176 (at)
Name: Ian Sandham
I applied to join your club today, hope my ap is accepted. I have just became the proud owner of a Singer Le Mans [1935] long tail. Looking forward to showing her off as often as I can with other like minded enthusiasts.


Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Subject: Wheel Balance
Email: petejacobs (at)
Name: Pete Jacobs
Ref :Alan Porters request for wire wheel balancing, look not further than the SVEC Newsletter - Autofit Brittania Road Ipswich - 01473 723325 but they only have rim weights not spoke clip type - cost approx £5.00 per wheel - hope info is useful.


Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 4:19 PM
Subject: Wire Wheel balancing
Email: alan.h.porter (at)
Name: Alan Porter
Can anyone tell me where I can get wire wheels balanced in Suffolk please.
In particular near Woodbridge or Ipswich.
1971 MGB GT


Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 8:37 PM
Email: ian.leggett (at)
Name: Ian Leggett
What an interesting Club Night was the January meet. I did not know Ipswich was such an important town 1500 years ago. The talk brought it all to life an the speaker was clearly not only very authoritive but also very passionate about Ipswich.
On another matter Drive It Day is Sunday April 20th 2008. It is a day when all owners of historic Vehicles have a chance to bring out their vehicles and drive them to show the country that we take pride in our hobby.You do not have to be attending an organised show but just take a drive. A good opportunity to show, and let sit in, or even take a short drive by one of the younger generation who we need to encourage. Some insurance companies are giving free extra cover for that one day. See the March Newsletter for further details.
Regards Ian Leggett.


Sent: Sunday, July 15, 2007 6:34 PM
Subject: I would like to be a member
Email: spikeyjools (at)
Name: Julie Minns
I applied to join your club today so I thought I would check out your web site.
I hope my application is approved and my Morris Minor named Rosie, my husband Trevor and myself will be joining your enthusiasts club soon.
Regards Julie Minns.


Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2007 6:00 PM
Subject: New member
Email: gerrykjc (at)
I was a member back in the late 80s and early 90s then sold the Daimler 2.5 V8.
Now own a vintage Humber and a MGB roadster.
Looking forward to show events and meetings.


Subject: Classic cars.
Email: alanhale <
Name: Bob.Hale.
Hello to all who know me. , I am still a classic car fan. I still have the Auburn. I also have a sunbeam Rapier convertible. Regards Bob.


Subject: Change of email address & truck cover dressing
Email: john20powell <
Name: John Powell
Hello again glad to see the club has got to a great level.
Question: where can I get some dressing for a canvas lorry cover (wax I think)?
Kind regards to all
John Powell


Thursday 04/13/2006 10:00:37pm
Name: Ian Leggett
Email: ianleggett104944 <
City/Country: Bury St Edmunds
Comments: Are you all ready to FLY THE FLAG on St. Georges Day 2006 which has also been nominated DRIVE IT DAY.
This is the day when the aim is to have as many old cars out on the road to let the general public see what a motoring heritage we have and hopefully encourage new potential members to join us in our favourite hobby. Fix a flag on your car (not one with England on it that is for football) They will only cost about £1 each and draw attention to the statement that old cars are around and are her to stay.
Ian Leggett


Friday 03/10/2006 9:35:22pm
Name: Mark
Comments: Nice club and good website


Monday 10/10/2005 5:53:19pm
Name: Ian Leggett
Email: ianleggett104944 <
City/Country: Bury St Edmunds
Comments: Welcome to Mr Ayling as a SVEC Member.
You will find the Club a lively one with plenty of events to attend. Hope you are coming on the Hurricane Run on October 16th, Regards Ian Leggett.


Wednesday 08/31/2005 2:09:46pm
Name: Peter Ayling
Email: payling-cxg <
City/Country: Long Melford, Suffolk
Comments: `signed up` for membership at Lavenham on Sunday so I thought I`d look at the website and very good it is too!
Only hope my membership is approved!


Tuesday 10/19/2004 9:44:09pm
Name: Ian Leggett
Email: ianleggett104944 <
City/Country: Bury St Edmunds
Comments: Has everyone recovered from the Hurricane Run 2004.
The SVEC Choir did a fine job.

Tuesday 09/07/2004 8:16:25pm
Name: Steve
Email: SHarr265Hemi <
City/Country: Guildford Surrey
Comments: 2X Aussie Valiant Chargers 70's, Looks like a good club. House hunting your area so Application in post, know the Yacht Club hope to meet you all soon
Cheers Steve


Wednesday 03/10/2004 11:37:17pm
Name: dave cox
Email: davecox <
City/Country: bury st eds, suffolk
Comments: i am the events organiser for the suffolk area of the triumph sports six club,and wondered if you would like an influx of our club cars at your helmingham event.ive been before and its an excellent event.please contact via e-mail if interested.regards dave.


Saturday 01/03/2004 4:11:00am
Name: dave cottle
Email: <
City/Country: berks county u.k.
Comments: blic tractor magneto for sale email for details


Saturday 11/29/2003 9:51:45pm
Name: Ian Leggett
Email: ianleggett104944 <
City/Country: Bury St Edmunds
Comments: Pity there are no new entries for over 4 months in such an active club. Hope you all have a good Christmas Party on December 11th 2003.


Saturday 11/29/2003 9:50:55pm
Name: Ian Leggett
Email: ianleggett104944 <
City/Country: Bury St Edmunds
Comments: Pity there are no new entries for over 4 months in such an active club. Hope you all have a good Christmas Party on December 11th 2003.


Friday 07/04/2003 11:03:55pm
Name: Ian Leggett
Email: ianleggett104944 <
City/Country: Bury St Edmunds
Comments: The guest book does not seem to attract much interest from members which is a pity.


Saturday 06/07/2003 2:01:26pm
Name: tina
Email: tina_austin76 <
City/Country: newmarket
Comments: i am getting married in october i need help finding a really lovely vintage car that is different to what people usually hire. I would love to hear from any vintage car owner. i am willing to pay for the use of there car. Please email me a picture if you can. I love morris minors and similar sorts of cars could go on forever listing them.
Thanks alot. I know this is a strange request


Saturday 03/15/2003 8:50:35pm
Name: Ian Leggett
Email: ianleggett104944 <aaol com
City/Country: Bury St Edmunds England
Comments: Good to see a few new entries. Noted Bernie was shopping in Morrisons. I suppose he was saving a few bob to pay for the repairs to his Rolls. By the way if club members do need body/paint repairs to their car then you really should talk to Eric Sedgewick.
I don't suppose anyone is really interested but if you looked at my last entry with a rhyme and question the answer was Alldays and Onions (Onions)


Thursday 02/20/2003 7:36:32am
Name: Steves Marina Spares
Email: steve <
City/Country: Norfolk
Comments: Visit for morris marin and other variant morris car spares


Thursday 01/09/2003 7:41:08pm
Name: John Powell
Email: john <
City/Country: ipswich .u.k.
Comments: just recently i got asked the question, do you know of a club that can be listed in the classic motor club i gave them the name of the club that is nearest to my heart.
of course the s.v.e.c.your site gets better and better.
best regards to all .
john w. powell


Tuesday 11/26/2002 3:21:53pm
Name: Ann O'donovan
Email: ann.odonovan <
City/Country: London
Comments: Great Site I have a 1950 Ford V8 Pilot
for sale - if anyone interested no rust primed ready for spraying
Phone 07989 869285


Monday 11/25/2002 11:15:54am
Name: Barry & Grace Naunton
Email: queenscliffe <
City/Country: Ipswich Suffolk England
Comments: We have just bought a new PC and are browsing the internet - great time waster - have enjoyed the SVEC site and if there are any old customers of NTG SERVICES (pre 1972) out there we would love to hear from you.


Thursday 11/21/2002 6:27:13pm
Name: Les Page
Email: discoboy <
City/Country: Ipswich, England.
Comments: Glad December issue has more info than the previous newsletter, good web site, hope to attend more events in 2003 than 2002.


Wednesday 10/16/2002 11:36:13pm
Name: Chris Abrey
Email: cabrey <
City/Country: Felixstowe UK
Comments: Very interesting site, I've just joined the club, hope to meet up with some of you soon. Currently own a 1967 Scimitar Coupe, which breaks every time I go near it, and a 1974 Scimitar GTE which fingers crossed will be finished by the Spring


Tuesday 10/01/2002 9:26:14pm
Name: John & Prim Powell
Email: john <
City/Country: Ipswich IP1 5YJ 494
Comments: I found your site - it is absolutely efficient.
I am brimming over with nostalgia, I met Bernie & his wife in Morrisons,
I would like to join you again maybe one day. I won't go into my problems, but they have slowed me down a bit,
so I am with you in spirit. I had to resign but no fault of the club.
thank you for this website
John W Powell

Friday 09/27/2002 11:28:36pm
Name: Ian Leggett
Email: ianleggett104944 <
City/Country: Bury St Edmunds
Comments: While looking through the SVEC pages,
Very few comments have been added for ages
So I'll do a short rhyme to help pass the time
And a question "what car would go quite well with sage(s)"?
Iain Kerr will know this one.
Regards Ian Leggett


Tuesday 08/27/2002 10:49:54pm
Email: l.pegg <
City/Country: Des MOINES, IOWA USA
Comments: I will be returning to ENGLAND in SEPT to visit EAST ANGLIA & WOODBRIDGE AREA, I HOPE to see some of these beautiful cars, I own a couple of US collector cars, I enjoyed your site very much, Mr. BARRINGER has done very well as usual.


Sunday 08/25/2002 9:16:15pm
Name: bob hale
Email: classicgas <
City/Country: Gt Livermere
Comments: see you at Lavenham


Friday 08/23/2002 10:20:11pm
Name: Rod Jones
Email: stickbrush <
City/Country: Bury St Edmunds.
Comments: Have just found site and downloaded Membership form.
Look forward to attending meeting and events when car is M.O.T.'d and back on the road after some 16 years.


Friday 08/23/2002 8:47:55pm
Name: Nick Challacombe
Email: nick.challacombe <
City/Country: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Comments: Great site , good start.
Cannot find anything about Lavenham event though !!.
Look forward to seeing a few rare birds , sorry breeds, there.
Bristol 407 1962.


Thursday 08/22/2002 9:01:40pm
Name: Ian Leggett
Email: ianleggett104944 <
City/Country: Bury St Edmunds
Comments: Forgot to put a comment last time I checked in. Good to see the club online. I have corresponded with two people in USA who drove Standards,and made themselves known through SVEC site, its a small world. Need a few more members to check in on the site. Regards Ian.


Tuesday 08/13/2002 9:50:12pm
Name: kevin p tyrrell
Email: kevin.p.tyrrell <
City/Country: st.ives cambs
Comments: good looking site, happen to spot some old slap-head standing by some old bangers on one of your pages, looked very much like that famous star of screen and stage LES POULSON, i couldn't of been so lucky!
You might of not known that his son has made the papers many times........what a family! THE POULSON'S i wish i was one.... still i might be! les was a real man in his day....and i've got a bald head.
just having a giggle boys looks good and I'll let my mates know the www. address, good luck to you all



Monday 08/12/2002 11:56:32pm
Name: Mick Welton
City/Country: Needham Market
Comments: Enjoyed looking at the site, its coming along nicely. Could do with a few more photos, I'll have to give you a nice picture of my Rover! Will see most members at Lavenham.

Regards, Mick and Linda.


Sunday 08/04/2002 12:20:02am
Name: Linn Barringer, SVEC Web Site Admin.
Email: linn <
City/Country: Woodbridge Suffolk
Comments: Elaine and Nigel Claydon commented that "maybe the photos could be a bit larger..."
I hope you noticed that if you click on the small "thumbnail" pictures, you see a larger image, and a caption.
In case that notice wasn't obvious - it WAS in very small font - I have made it clearer and larger.
If those larger pictures are still too small, it might be because there is a need to balance picture size and/or quality against the time it takes to download a picture to view it.
I would be happy to discuss this further if you would like to email me. You didn't leave your email address in the Guest Book, hence this 'public' response.


Sunday 07/28/2002 3:40:27pm
Name: Mike Herbert & Shirley Herbert
Email: mike <
City/Country: Ipswich
Comments: SVEC member so i must sign the book,nice site with good information.
Info of our car at

Saturday 07/20/2002 11:15:45pm
Name: Kim Archer
Email: kim <
City/Country: Manningtree Essex


Saturday 07/20/2002 10:58:35am
Name: les wade
Email: leswade13 <
City/Country: ipswich
Comments: the mag requested we sign the book, hope this helps. a great club for the last 10 or so years that i have been a member.


Friday 07/19/2002 9:46:26pm
Name: Elaine and Nigel Claydon
City/Country: Ipswich
Comments: Nice interesting site, maybe the photos could be a bit larger as it is hard to see some of your cars, but good to see you are attracting world-wide interest.


Tuesday 06/25/2002 9:02:33pm
Name: Peter & Georgie Bacon
Email: pete-georgie <
City/Country: Woodbridge. SUFFOLK
Comments: Daily use car - 1957 Morris Oxford
"Show Car" 1933 Humber Snipe 80 Sports Saloon.
Now in the last year (I hope) of a total restoration of a 1933 Wolseley Hornet "Meredith Trinity Special". (started in December 1995)
I also have a 1938 Morris 8 4 door saloon which I may restore next!


Sunday 06/23/2002 4:47:59pm
Name: bob hale
Email: classicgas <
City/Country: GT LIVERMERE
Comments: SMART


Saturday 06/22/2002 11:18:48pm
Name: James Corrie
Email: jamie.corrie <
City/Country: Felixstowe. UK.
Comments: Nice to see this great club is on-line now. I have a web site about my Anglia if anyone would like to visit.


Friday 06/21/2002 11:16:40pm
Name: John Page
Email: johnpage <
City/Country: Lacey, Washington, USA
Comments: Always enjoy looking at old cars. Ex-owner of a red MGB with beautiful knockoff hub wire wheels. Lovely car except for the Lucas electrics. Regularly drove a little RHD Standard station wagon (American English) out of the motor pool back in the mid 1950's while stationed at RAF Bentwaters. Will never forget the trips I made in it through the Suffolk and Norfolk countryside from Bentwaters to RAF Sculthorpe. My daily driving in those days was a USAF vehicle called a weapons carrier. It was a 4WD truck the size of a Hummer with a canvas covered bed. Great fun to drive. Read "Motorsport" magazine for years. Loved the advertisements. My favorite was "David Scott-Moncrief, purveyor of horseless carriages to the nobility and gentry since 192?" Also remember great articles on the Grand Prix scene by Denis Jenkinson, and the editor's "motoring dog" regularly photographed testing the boot (I do remember some of the Queen's English) of test cars. The car in your club emblem looks quite menacing - like a Mafia Staff Car. Best of luck with the club. John Page


Friday 06/21/2002 3:08:44pm
Name: George Wright
Email: amyl33 <
City/Country: Dallas,Georgia,USA
Comments: Great web site. One car in the photo reminds me of a 1928 Standard that I used to own. Thanks


Tuesday 05/28/2002 9:31:33pm
Name: John Grew
Email: johngrew <
City/Country: Ipswich
Comments: Site looks good. Lets hope for continued success.