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    July 2002


  •  Pie and Mash was enjoyed by everyone at our last meeting, as were the prizes
  •  No mystery who organized the next Run but someone had brake failure
  •  Later, a ghost gave a fascinating tour of the ruins
  •  Next visit was a very ancient burial grounds, and an evening BBQ
  •  What can be said about the Karaoke?
  •  Next visit was a working windmill
  •  Pubs get several mentions throughout the reports
  •  Two WWII airbases are included, too
  •  Lots of interest in the club's cars from the public
  •  Another brake problem - this time SVEC came to the rescue
  •  New banner flag were flown in public for the first time
  •  An apology for a wrong date
  •  Proposals for an interesting trip for September 2002
  •  Thanks to the members welcoming two members returning after a spell of illness
  •  News of this web site
  •  Request for the origins of a witty poem about the bones of an organization
  •  Five major events planned for July
  •  And a bargain that includes a free model for early orders
  •  Two pictures - one easily recognized, the other "Guess what?
  •  Three events for August
  •  Twelve other events for 2002, including one cancellation