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August 2002

President's Prattle

  •  Impressive display outside the Martlesham Control Tower
  •  Impressive sight of sixty club member entries at Easton Farm Park
  •  Gazebo, Union Jack (sic) and club banners make an impressive sight
  •   Last month's "Guess What"
  •  Soggy village fete, including one fresh vehicle
  •  1938 Chenard et Walcker didn't show

Secretary's Scribble

  •  President was "spuffling his incredulance"
  •  Stondon date correction, after finding this year's diary!
  •  Response to last month's request for origin of a witty poem - none right
  •  Request for more anoraks to sign the Guest Book (do it now!)
  •  Comments about this web site invited - some already given
  •  Gavin Hodge Theory under scrutiny
  •  A barking fox and fish A barking fox and fish &
  •  Henham dates and Elmswell contact both amended

Other items

  •  Using our classics
    • Standard Motor Club, centered on Clacton
    • surprised Wivenhoe member
    • convoy to the village used to launch 1947/8 Vanguard
    • railway museum, tea shop, secret bunker, hotel
    • Walton, museum, crane, tour, inn, cake, tower, P47, castle, Cambridge, Madingley
    • 500 mile weekend with few hitches
  •  Age Related Ramblings
    • general agreement
    • cuttings on a bedroom wall
    • anomalies in any theory
    • request for more response
  •  Asbestos
    • seller's assurance of 'no asbestos'
    • problems for older vehicles
    • Europe-wide law in 2005
    • chrysolite and crocidolite are different; 
  •  Did you know?
    • A road in Ipswich shares its name with a 1920's Austin limousine

Two cars for sale

  •  '84 Capri
  • ' 80 Allegro

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