Suffolk Vehicle Enthusiasts Club

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December 2002

President's Prattle

  •  Very enjoyable Hurricane Run
  •  Informative and Amusing floral talk
  •  Motorcycle accident "not my fault"
  •  Several decades of Rover devotees
  •  Leather, wood, stubby stick, long bonnet, hardly audible engine... oh the memories!

Secretary's Scribble

  •  The "monthus horribilus" of blank newsletters
  •  Have I edited THAT many newsletters?
  •  Thanks to people who have made special efforts for the club
  •  Don't forget the AGM on Thursday 28 November
  •  Christmas Social Thursday 12 December
  •  Subs renewal - please return a.s.a.p.

Other Items

  •  More thanks for the generosity of members' provisions
  •  Report from a motoring museum with Captain Cook's 'Endevour' on site
  •  DIY Flying Flea and the work of MAF (no, NOT the Min. of Ag. and Fish)
  •  Visit to Massey-Ferguson, Banner Lane, Coventry - R.I.P.
  •  Oil questions answered - two really good ones to start off a 'series'

For Sale

  •  1972 Rover 2000 SC
  •  1963 Volvo 1800S