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February 2003

President's Prattle

  •  Christmas social was very enjoyable
  •  The ladies did us proud again
  •  Remembering lesser-known three-wheelers, even if Princess Anne doesn't!
  •  Memories of rutted snow and frozen fire buckets
  •  Ford 100% reliable after start-up ritual

Secretary's Scribble

  •  We can't win them all
  •  A whole raft of new rules about car tax and license plates
  •  It's lost in the post, guv., honest
  •  Beloved Armstrong gets a mention in passing
  •  Hopefully, the last ever mention of the ring of fire

Other Items

  •  Early reaction to planned coach trip requested
  •  More detail on new number plate laws
  •  A cheaper alternative to LRP
  •  Shaggy pig story
  •  Humber Hawk at the Circus
  •  Coveting a dark green Kestrel

For Sale

  •  FREE: Haynes Manual, 89-91 Fiesta, 80-85 Escort
  •  Special offer: book - Malcolm Root's Transport Paintings