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March 2003

President's Prattle

  •  Tempting providence
  •  Escape from the Feelie Bags
  •  Remember Ipswich trolley buses
  •  Price of a square yard of carpet from Cyril Lord
  •  Buying a car for a tenner
  •  Hydraulic front and mechanical rear brakes in the wet

Secretary's Scribble

  •  Transport of yesteryear delayed
  •  Sandwiches coming along later
  •  Free club pen
  •  Multi-Entry and multiple entry forms explained very clearly...
  •  Good news on number plates
  •  Pit Stop Challenge planned

Other Items

  •  Charles Smith and his US Jeep both restored to previous glory
  •  Matchless Beeza Triumph over MZ
  •  Piston broke? No, just a filed crown
  •  Taxpayers subsidised the Mini
  •  Stopping for a few pints on a Harley
  •  Peels and other Micros about to make a comeback?
  •  Jelly in the steering box


  •  For Sale - Large collection of car & light commercial mechanical jacks, English, French, American
  •  Wanted - Magnetos: Bosch ZR4, ML all sorts & sizes, dead or alive