Suffolk Vehicle Enthusiasts Club

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April 2003

President's Prattle

  •  Spring is just around the corner
  •  Best wishes for Mike's recovery
  •  Brief, incomplete, history of the Fire Service
  •  Splendid talk on touch up techniques...
  •  Taxpayers subsidised the Mini (the real one)
  •  A variet of excellent lubricants from Penrite
  •  Petrol rationing, the Black Market and red dye
  •  Green Goddess information, including where they are stored
  •  In the Vanguard of poking at holes

Secretary's Scribble

  •  January meeting cancelled due to the wrong kind of weather
  •  Pit stop was unchallenged, so a rabbit was pulled from a hat
  •  Praise for two gentlemen who saved the day
  •  At last the East Anglian Film Archive evening
  •  Mini auction (ed, no, I don't think that means there'll be a car)
  •  Only a couple of errors in the Programme and Multi Entry Form!
  •  Newsletters go out ten days before the new month
  •  Clarification about adverts in the Newsletters
  •  News of a new arrangement for the annual rally

Other Items

  •  A Vanguard celebrates an anniversary
  •  Alarming start to an icy day
  •  Under-rated cars
  •  Salt, rain, and screen sealant
  •  How long does it take to rebuild an MGTA?
  •  The big push of 1967
  •  Ken's Chum
  •  This Rover's not a dog
  •  Gathering at Cattawade Sunday 11 May 2003
  •  Whose got a ticket to ride (a Ferrari!!) ?


  •  For Sale - 1968 Triumph Vitess 2 litre saloon.
  •  For Sale - 1972 Rover V8 auto.