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May 2003

President's Prattle

  •  Spring weather and light evenings can mean only one thing...
  •  March meeting had wonderful films
  •  An intelligent guess about the location of a 1920 car rally
  •  Dave Bickers gets a mention
    (web ed. I remember Dave Bickers, with Murray Walker commentating, scrambling on TV)
  •  Converted1935 Vauxhall Big Six
  •  Francis Jacobi commentary
  •  Trolley bus pole meets Ferodo Bridge
  •  NSU Quickly for how much?
  •  Petrol pump with swing arm
  •  Unorthodox methods of rescuing vehicles

Secretary's Scribble

  •  East Anglian Film Archive - another satisfied customer
  •  Brush Electric Company Tramcar 33, now in ITM
  •  We must get Francis Jacobi back
  •  Plaque unveiling ceremony
  •  Support ITM - open Sundays, Bank Hols, 11:00-16:00 and school hols 13:00-16:00
  •  How to measure the correct Redex dose
  •  Anyone with other ideas on solving this problem?
  •  More stories needed, whether problematic or triumphant

Other Items

  •  Extracts from the Federation (no, not the Start Trek one!)
    •  Quiet green lanes - Final year of LRP - EU Paint Directive
    •  Export Licences - Number Plates - MoT Certificates
  •  Health & Safety Officers to increase checks on brake linings
  •  Advice on getting 20% discount on ferries to the Continent
  •  Classic Adventure
    •  Alberta sent to a home, Tricia buzzing in Polly, Gloria discarded
    •  Lagonda and Austin 7 tourer rejected
    •  Tess found in bags and a suitcase
    •  Just like Meccano, apart from a missing cap
    •  Piston broke? No, but it was a close thing - 1mm close!
    •  Old plugs never die, they just lose their spark. But not yet...
    •  A piece of cake? No, a slice of radiator!
    •  Ready (and waiting) for Summer...
  •  The Wrong Car
    •  a tale of miss-taken identity
    •  but Grace was always in the vanguard