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June 2003

President's Prattle

  •  Bumper (ed. no pun intended?) entry for Ipswich-Felixstowe run
  • '20s to '70s repesented
  •  Successful Mini auction
  •  Manningtree variety - 1928 Rolls Royce to 2003 Land Rover
  •  Dave Bickers wasn't on a scrambles bike
  •  Douglas was there, from 1913
  •  Norfolk did well for Suffolk
  •  Looking forward to The Crown and then the Coronation

Secretary's Scribble

  •  Mini auction made money
  •  Thanks to M&M (Mary and Melvin)
  •  Coronation Supper and Aldeburgh Fish & Chip run
  •  John's Grewn better
  •  President's Humber may come to light
  •  Perm any 8 from 30 for Clacton
  •  Maurice's pictures on display at the Railway, Foxhall Road

Other Items

  •  Short and dumpy compared with tall and slim
  •  Both are graduates
  •  A messy solution explained but not recommended
  •  Splending write-up of the Kimber run, including the Devil's, ahem, "bottom"
  •  Bit of a c*ock up on the inspection front
  •  Details of forthing coming events