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August 2003

President's Prattle

  •  Good turnout at Easton Farm Park
  •  Aldeburgh Fish and chips were first class, as usual. Parking not.
  •  No smoking without, er, new management
  •  Belly dancers at Frinton. Parking difficulty (a theme is developing here)
  •  Summer Fair turned to Sea Shanty.
  •  Ring Colin, just time to enter our big event of the year.

Secretary's Scribble

  •  Calendar leaves time for domestic jobs.
  •  2nd prize to Vauxhillman?
  •  Pit Stop replaced by Feelie Bag.
  •  Frinton Belly Dancers (again).
  •  Rougham getting bigger and better.
  •  Evening smoke ends the day.

Other Items

  •  5th Boadicea Run
    • Classic and sports cars including DH Specials, Hurricane, Caravelle
    • Visited Anglo Saxon Settlement
    • Rally pack with list of all amenities
    • Buffet lunch at a car dealership
    • Last leg ended with roast dinner
  •  Beetle Drive
    • After hours fettling with the REME
    • £3 a week pay
    • £25 for a Beetle and bits
    • Harlequin paint job
    • Hooked on top gear
    • The Big Bank theory in practice
    • Valspar increased the value
  •  Helmingham
  •  Lavenham
  •  Ipswich Ghost Walk
  •  Engineer v Management (oldies but goodies!)

For Sale

  • Morris Minor 1000 saloon 1969

Wanted (desperately)

  • Articles for Newsletter.