Suffolk Vehicle Enthusiasts Club

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February 2004

President's Prattle

  • Christmas Social was enjoyable
  • Lapland is now in Essex
  • Sad news
  • Aviation memories: SVEC Land/Air rallies; RAF Bentwaters air shows
  • Gavin is proven right

Secretary's Scribble

  • Weather for repairs?
  • Break pedal loss
  • Broken by fatigue?
  • Non-hydroscopic [sic] (probably meant non-hygroscopic)
  • Locally made up hoses are cheaper
  • January meeting looking interesting
  • Web site now links to Leaded Petrol

Other Items

  • The original Basket case?
  • Vauxhall centenary year
  • Two-stroke disparaged
  • Two-stroke supported - Trabants and Warburgs as evidence...

For Sale/Wanted

  • Wanted: Morris Marina/Ital 1300cc 2 or 4 door saloon