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April 2004

President's Prattle

  • Wheels, plugs and a stopwatch was entertaining
  • Lomax with an extra wheel
  • Recollections of a 2-stroker out-performing a Mk2 Zephyr
  • And 2-strokers made in the 70s

Secretary's Scribble

  • Change rubber after 6 years
  • Keep it in a dark cool place
  • To SORN or not to SORN, that is the question
  • Plenty of 'teasers' of forthcoming events

Other Items

  • Doodlebugs and Morrison shelters
  • Australian LPG V8s, Holdens, utes, and Land Rover
  • Two obituaries
  • Interested in something a little foreign?

For Sale/Wanted

  • 1975 AMC American Postal jeep, RHD, auto
  • 1964 Studebaker Champ pick-up truck, LHD, 3sp manual +_ o/d
    • Both the above need work
  • 6 wheels for 1956 Ford Popular 450x17, no tyres.