Suffolk Vehicle Enthusiasts Club

News Clips - snippets from the Club's Newsletters

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November 2004

President's Prattle

  • Busy few weeks
  • Beetle like an MGA
  • Sq. Leader with his floozy
  • Three ballilias, a Buick and Auburn
  • 1938 Hudson Terrplane (see one here!)
  • Carburettors and chrome plating

Secretary's Scribble

  • Do come to the AGM
  • Membership flood predictions
  • Member's heart attack
  • Past treasurer's passing
  • Cross fingers failed
  • Ipswich Transport Museum to the rescue

Other Items

  • Armstrong memories (benefits of being the web master, here's the picture)
  • Daimler Clanger
  • MG TC - instructions from Blue Peter?
  • Float some and jet some
  • Thanks to all for generosity at Helmingham - huge sum donated to EACH

For Sale/Wanted

  • Watsonian VG21 preferred but any 1950s sidecar chassis