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March 2005

President's Prattle

  • Ferret in the garage
  • Triumph eligible due to rolling age limit
  • Gridlock is the reasons
  • Four reverse gears for the brave
  • DAFt to purchase it
  • Jock, Twitch and Owen
  • Acetylene's pale green glow
  • Morris faster than a Hawk

Secretary's Scribble

  • Helmingham's coming up
  • Lady Funeral Director speaks up
  • Suffolk Horse Society talk on horsepower
  • Early warning of FRIDAY dinner
  • Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club invitation
  • Control over Iain
  • Renew your subscription - you know it makes sense!

Other Items

  • Cudda bin wus - joke
  • Letter from Adelaide
  • Understanding engineers

For Sale/Wanted

  • Nothing For Sale this month