Suffolk Vehicle Enthusiasts Club

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August 2005


Welcome to 27 new club members, and their 27 vehicles!

President's Prattle

  • Sunshine and showers at Cockfield
  • Scumbags steal badges at Trimley
  • Buy a Triumph just for the badges
  • Brainless scumbag offers badges on ebay, ends up in court - yippee!
  • Sunny and breezy at Easton
  • SVEC member won car of the show
  • Winnie at Frinton with ADC Whitmore, judging windows
  • Cloudbursts at Aldeburgh followed by fine evening
    (this is turning into a weather report - ed)

Secretary's Scribble

  • Prattle described as scribble
  • Endless activity at Martlesham
  • Punk fly in the ointment at Martlesham
  • Sedate Shrubland
  • Overcast, spots of rain, brightening later, eventually hot (here we go again - ed)
  • Rendham headless chickens on a trip round the ring
  • Afternoon in glorious sunshine (no, no, not again! - ed)
  • Plug for the club in Practical Classics Mag.
  • Charities suffering from Sunami (sic) effect
  • Photo ID required for Wattisham

Other Items

  • My Motorbikes
    • 1930s BSA 250 remembered
    • 1926 BSA 996 V twin
    • One up, three down
    • Practice with a chair paid dividends
    • Brand new Royal Enfield 350 side-valve
    • First rule of the road?
  • Messerschmitt shot down in flames
    • Silver 4-wheeler in Ipswich
    • Yellow example from Chelmsford
    • 20 Tigers survive in the UK
    • Banned winner's reg. appeared at Manningtree
    • I'm happy with my three-wheeler
    • 7th August - Bubble cars at Stonham Barns
  • Understanding Engineers
    • A joke
  • Rural Coffee Caravan Information Project
    • Can you help?
    • Caravan needs a tow
  • Wanted
    • Articles for the Newsletters