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October 2005

President's Prattle

  • A quieter month
  • Helmingham COTS 1927 Bugatti?
  • Use and enjoy your classic
  • Excellent, friendly Wooden Fender
  • Re-cut tyres and rebuilt batteries
  • Make do and mend
  • 50 years in the motor trade
  • Triumphant return of the badges

Secretary's Scribble

  • Quiet after a frantic start
  • Astounding cheque to Ipswich EACH - the biggest yet
  • No apology for thanking everyone again for the success at Helmingham
  • Rarities at Lavenham
  • Do your bit for The Federation Vehicle Survey
  • A Funny Job for a Woman finally expected in September
  • 2006 plans starting to gel
  • Annual Dinner and Awards coming soon - CHANGE OF DAY to FRIDAY

Other Items

  • Detailed explanation of the importance of the FIVA/FBHVC survey
    • Lobbyists need accurate,current non-partisan, data
    • Personal data will be collected but anonymously aggregated for publication
    • Do you bit for the freedom to use our vehicles on the roads of Britain and Europe
  • Towing Lesson
    • Broken down BMW Isetta with primitive suspension, 'adequate' brakes
    • Busy Saturday afternoon in Old Felixstowe
    • 40-45 in a 30mph limit was "George's" habit
    • George chatted to the owners, in the tow car, oblivious of the Isetta in tow
    • Orwell roundabout almost had their Isetta airborne
    • The gap narrowed between the bus and the Isetta to the thickness of paint
    • Tried to brake with the Isetta but George just changed down and gave it some wellie
    • On arrival, the Isetta's brakes gently smouldered
    • George thought his car needed attention, "it wasn't pulling too well"
  • Photographic Competition
    • Entries invited for five categories