Suffolk Vehicle Enthusiasts Club

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December 2005

President's Prattle

  • Another year flown by
  • Felixstowe weather
  • No ohm to go, and many other strong-arm puns
  • Hurricane in Suffolk and Cambs
  • Prickwillow drainage quiz
  • Club photo competition
  • Don't forget the AGM
  • Judicial system scores zero
  • Season's greetings

Secretary's Scribble

  • Peggy Cole type weather prediction
  • Shirt sleeve order for the Hurricane
  • One of the best Hurricanes?
  • Superb hand-painted welcome board
  • Several pump engines started
  • Blackstone hot bulb engines are fun
  • Confessions of a doodlum clink nerd
  • Final run to Pakenham?
  • Legs hanging out of an engine bay
  • Brush housing fatigue
  • Don't forget to send off your survey form
  • Marty to mailing Mothers Car Care Products
  • Season's greetings

Other Items

  • Prussian rarity in Suffolk - we tried to break it but we couldn't
  • An electrifying experience - have you checked that little knurled nut lately?
  • Subscription renewals due
  • Hard luck story of an expensive shopping trip

For Sale

  • Early Sprite hard top
  • Brand new alternator