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coverFebruary 2006

President's Prattle

  • The President has been busy

Secretary's Scribble

  • Promoted to page one
  • Stamp out boring stamps
  • Un-doctored black smudge remains
  • Over 50 members attended club's Christmas Social
  • Yvonne's tasty buffet
  • Several people took bits home
  • Father Christmas wasn't real
  • Get your diaries ready
  • Prevent boring newsletters: contribute articles!

Other Items

  • In the Vanguard or driving
    • The last three miles are the hardest
    • Twenty car convoy to crematorium
    • Roundabouts, traffic lights, tractors, refuse trucks, and trunk roads
    • Several 360 degree turns
    • Dead end road to crematorium (how appropriate - ed)
    • Yorkshiremen guided through Basildon
    • Sunbeam Talbot owner to the rescue
    • Three-yard limping to roundabout chaos
  • River duck joke
  • What a gas
    • Apprenticed to the motor trade
    • Stables, water, hidden hot pipes
    • Soap like toffee in a dirty bucket
    • Unusual gas ring lighting tool
    • Shocking treatment of mechanics
    • Private supply of red lead
  • Britain's first police car chase
  • Pay as you drive joke
  • Two 1960s vehicles photographed
  • Email mailing list
  • Ford repair part provided by a Ford
  • Help - where is Amber Gold Cortina 1600E, reg SGV 724J?

For Sale

  • FREE - Ford workshop & Service manuals
    • 50s and 60s Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac
    • 60s Corsair, Cortina
    • 50s and 60s Thames Trader
  • Tan front seats for Triumph Stag (probably)