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coverFebruary 2007

Secretary's Scribble

  • Historic Guide cartoons based on life
  • Late due to oxidation testing
  • Santa and animated reindeer
  • Buffet and members' sweets
  • Rex Garrod presenting, next month
  • Vehicle valuations coming up
  • Knitting, cricket, and an open mind

Other Items

  • Children in historic vehicles
  • Helpful farmer's mule, a joke
  • Evidence from testing a Permabag
  • Drunk driving, a joke
  • Is it typing error or Scots?
  • The A6 witch, another joke
  • What did the Romans ever do for us?
    • Answer: the gauge of railway lines
  • Dinner and Awards - rather like the Oscars, really... with praise for the organizers
  • Welcome to 40 new members with their 26 vehicles.
  • Standard cars at Brockford

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