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coverApril 2007

Secretary's Scribble

  • So many events, they are clashing
  • A couple of mysterious errors on dates
  • Very interesting talk on vehicle valuations
  • Disappointment (and laughter) at an Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire being called a BUS! (surely it's reall acronym is ASSS - web admin)
  • When Motoring was Fun - should be good
  • Mini Auction coming up 10% of sale price goes to club funds (or 100% if you wish)
  • Sad report of another member's passing
  • Golden Wedding for two members

Other Items

  • Uninsured Vehicles
    • £100 fine under new government plans
    • We all pay about £30 to cover the uninsured
  • Forgiving a failure
    • With news cars it's third time unlucky - it's junk
    • With older cars it doesn't matter - it must be love
  • Recollections of a "parts man"
    • bicycles four deep along Ranela Road
    • Egertons on Crown Street, from William Street opposite the Cricketers pub
    • under the wing of George Spinks, ex-army tank commander
    • sweeping up every morning
    • re-filling the 1pt and 2pt glass bottles oil from the petrol pumps
    • Energol 30, Energol Viscostatic, Castrol XL and XXL
    • a sounding board for spanners
    • cycling on the store's trade bike (fetch a cloth G-G-G-G-Granville!)
    • flying down Lloyds Avenue with brown warehouse coat flapping
    • sausage rolls from Newsteads Bakeries
    • two-tone pink and grey Vauxhall Crestas (Oh, yes, I remember them! - web admin)
    • American servicemen from Bentwaters/Woodbridge liked MGA twincams
  • Prince of Darkness Jokes
  • Down Under
    • Indian Pacific train across Australia from West to East
    • NRTHoF 8km outside Alice Springs
    • Old Telegraph Station
    • restoration by prisoners
    • crude modifications
    • an interesting and different museum, in the outback

For Sale

  • Club Regalia
  • 1923 Vauxhall 14/40 tourer, taxed and MoT. £15,750 ono - Arthur Best
  • 1976 Mercedes 350 SL, white, hard and soft tops, MoT and tax £4995 - Eric Chapman
  • 1957 Triumph 350cc Twentyone, 360th off the line. Concours winner £3,500 - Barry Yallop
  • 1975 Ford Escort 1300E 4 door (very rare) Jade Green, excellent condition, 51,275 miles, must be seen £3,000 (Saxmundham)