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coverMay 2007

Secretary's Scribble

  • Usual weather report - unusually gorgeous Bank Holiday weekend, though! (Easter)
  • So crowded, nowhere to park in Felixstowe
  • New service for poor memories
  • Fun, fun, fun; the way it was
  • All the best for a full recovery, for ailing member
  • Murder Mystery Supper coming up soon

Other Items

  • Tax and insurance and the DVLA
  • Personal opinion about "tax per mile"
  • Is the end of Historic Vehicle zero rate nigh?
  • An joke about bananas and arthritis
  • Story from the antipodes - Minors, Wankels, and Willys...
  • Letter from America - Bentleys and stamps...
  • I just can't leave them alone
  • Photos of Morris 6cwt "Prison" van, Lands End Trial, two Beetles and half a Minor

For Sale


  • Vitesse 1600 convertible.