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coverSeptember 2007

Secretary's Scribble

  • Not many noticed the date error!
  • Still recovering from Helmingham
  • Unfit for duty but still turned out
  • 'Selling' cars on the concourse (sic)
  • Bucketeers collected £800!
  • Draws raised another £200
  • Food queues and loo queues unconnected
  • Not a single complaint - satisfied customers!
  • Congrats to the Bardens for their AH 3000
  • 8am start for 40th wedding anniversary

Other Items

  • 1933-34 encyclopaedia entry for Armstrong Siddeley cars (wonderful marque! - ed)
  • DVLA, Road Tax and Insurance
  • Hurrican Anniversary Run plans and menu
  • Photo of 1934 Armstrong Siddeley 12 hp (wonderful car! - ed)
  • Line drawing of AS 12hp engine (lovely engine! - ed)
  • VW engine in the boot story (Oh, never heard that one before! - ed)

For Sale

  • Club Regalia
  • No vehicles for sale - everybody must be enjoying them too much!