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coverDecember 2007

Secretary's Scribble

  • The Hurricane Anniversary run
  • Details of who did what, when, where, why, and how
  • The Brewery Without Steps - an interesting talk and slideshow
  • Free samples! Oh, just the grains...
  • Soon be time for the AGM and Christmas Social again - "don't time fly"

Other Items

  • Sporting Triumphs
    • Triumph's 1939 receivership [hardly a triumph - ed]
    • TR-X with pop-up lights in 1950
    • TR2 from 1953
    • TR3 followed in 1955 and TR3A in 1957, with more power in 1961
    • Late 1961 saw the launch of Michelotti-styled TR4, followed by independent-rear suspended TR4A
    • TR5 with 6 cylinders and fuel injection arrived in 1967
    • TR6 re-styling job followed in 1969 until 1976
    • TR7 came from British Leyland in 1975 with a convertible added in 1979, and the Rover V8 version in 1980.
  • Life in the motor trade in the 1950s
    • Primitive working conditions in converted stables
    • Hot water pipes warmed up the cupboards
    • Lump of steel heated on a gas ring provided "radiant heat"
    • Filthy toilet with no light or windo
    • Washing greasy hands with soft soap, similar to toffee
    • Tea break with chipped enamel mugs
    • Large variety of vehicle makes and types, including the manager's secretary's bicycle
    • 1933 Leyland tanker and Autovac fuel supply (see Aug 07 for Autovac)
  • Photos of Willys Jeep, Ford Anglia 105E, Rover 95(?)
  • Your last chance to stock up on cellulose paint before new regulations
  • Bi-fuel feed explained (from 1933-34 Motoring Encyclopaedia) to allow engines to run on creosote. [Yes, the stuff you used to put on fences - it makes second-hand chip-frying oil sound quite exotic! - ed]
  • Mike's Motor Quiz (photos)

For Sale

  • Club Regalia
  • 1973 Rover P5B, very original, Admiralty Blue, no tax or MOT. Offers invited