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coverJanuary 2008

Secretary's Scribble

  • Surprisingly this is a busy time of year for the club
  • Excellent dinner and service at the annual dinner
  • Draw proceeds went to Children in Need
  • Secretarial faux pas didn't stop the AGM succeeding
  • Hamilton brain bender quiz
  • Season's greetings from the committee

Other Items

  • Chairman's report for 2007
    • Membership leavels are healthy
    • Finances healthy but small rise in membership fee to stop the rot - the first in 13 years
    • Enjoyable club nights - a very enjoyable year's programme
    • Apologies for non-attendance at the AGM
    • Thanks to all the hard working officers, Committee, helpers of all guises, for making the club the success it is.
    • Season's greetings
  • Triumph - a brief history of its bicycles, motorcycles and cars
  • Triumph Messenger
    • Herald based on Standard 8 and 10
    • Variety of Herald-based vehicles
    • Production ended in 1971
    • Spitfires produced until 1979
  • TVO, overheating and petrol vaporisation
    • Adding kerosene to petrol can help
    • Experiments show how much to add
    • It's illegal to do it except...
    • HMRC were "very helpful"
    • Editor reminds readers of the Editor's and Committee's disclaimer
  • Photos of awards ceremony, and 1935 3.5 litre Bentley in the US of A
  • Thanks from CLIMB
  • 2007 SVEC awards and at the Annual Dinner

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