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coverFebruary 2008

Secretary's Scribble

  • Silly season is over
  • Bubble & squeak, piccalilli and a curry
  • Don't delay, the first rally will be on us in no time
  • Thanks for thanks
  • Reward of an article on Bristols
  • Request for articles for the newsletter
  • All the twists and turns make a story
  • Did I mention articles?

Other Items

  • Switch from petrol to kerosene when your Fergie's warm
  • Selling two Standard/Triumphs to help maintain a Humber
  • Eighty year old joke
  • A pair of Bristols
    • Couldn't face cleaning wire wheels regularly
    • Joined the BOC and did some research
    • 1961 Bristol 406 arrived in '76
    • Lots of work, two full hides from Connolloy
    • Asked Grace to look at my Bristol, ended up trading it for a Saab
    • Sold the Jaguar to buy another Bristol
    • Despite initials problems, we're not up for the Piston Broke Trophy for a third time!
  • Unweltzones amended after demonstrations by Classic Car owners in Germany
  • Replacement 710 found for lady's engine.

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