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coverMay 2008

Secretary's Scribble

  • We must be doing something right
  • 2000 km on a Bullet. RE of course
  • Get your number and bid, then pay
  • No drips in the auction, please
  • Keep your dirt in a box
  • Fishy food expected for May

Other Items

  • ST-BL-Honda part 2
    • a friend of Michael Edwardes
    • 80% of an Acclaim is UK sourced
    • engine 100% Honda
    • avoid imports, build a factory
    • BL marques have gone
    • Honda is alive and well
    • my Acclaim has its links to Standard
    • promise not to tell me its Japanese
  • Righteous driving
    • father owned a Calthorpe and GWK
    • after the depression, a series of Fords
    • Farina Oxford was awful on coners
    • his motoring ended with a Beetle
    • Willys-Knight chopped down for a tow-truck
    • V8 Mustang's nose lifted at speed
    • Pontiac Silver Streak sold for twice the buying price
    • Beverly Hills in a '48 Packard
    • father fancied an Armstrong Siddeley
    • and I fell for a "gutless wonder"
    • Alpine and Javelin bettered by a Skoda
  • Biscuit test - no replies, just answers
  • Photos
    • Jason's '39 Austin 8 at Fram
    • Tim's '64 Alpine
    • Ernest's 1914 Darracq
  • We are sailing, again.
  • Joke about the back seat

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